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Satin Gold/Purple Centurion Geocoin (Fault)

18 GBP / In stock.
This is the new Centurion Geocoin - originally inspired by a visit to the Colosseum in Rome.

Please Note: Due to the Satin finish and having a large smooth area - most of these coins arrived with minor faults (a small scratch/mark or two on the side of the helmet). Two have some areas of enamel missing on one side. Most aren't huge but they are visible when looking at them, so as a result they're being sold at a discount.

This is a highly detailed 3D coin with soft enamels, and measure 2 inches tall and 10mm thick.

They are fully trackable on with its own icon, and likely wont be reminted again.

10 x Black Nickel/Glow
20 x Satin Gold/Black
20 x Satin Gold/Purple
25 x Satin Silver/Orange
35 x Antique Copper/Green
35 x Antique Silver/Blue
35 x Antique Gold/Purple
40 x Antique Copper/Orange
40 x Antique Silver/Red
40 x Antique Gold/Red

They are all trackable on with their own icon, and come in a protective PVC sleeve.

  • Delivery times can vary. Most should arrive within 1-3 weeks, but please allow up to 8-10 weeks for international delivery.