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Celtic Sword & Shield Coin: 2 Tone Copper/Gold/Green

35 GBP30 GBP / Out of stock.
These are the new Celtic Sword & Shield coins - Antique Copper/Gold with Antique Copper/Shiny Nickel Sword (50 Shields made, 115 Swords made).

This pair is made up of two 3D coins (each trackable with their own codes, but share an icon) that fit together, and weigh around 115g.

The Shield measures 2.25 inches wide and 13mm thick, and is based on a Scottish Targe shield. The front features Celtic designs, and the back features the Waddell Family Crest/Coat of Arms, with the Motto 'Orna Verum' meaning 'Adorn the Truth'. It also has hard enamels and a hole through it to fit the Sword coin.

The 3D Sword coin measures 3.5 inches long, and is around 3mm thick. It is made of stamped copper, to achieve the Antique/Shiny finish.

Both coins are trackable on and share a custom icon. And these will come in a custom velvet bag with activation retrieval information.